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San Diego, CA Watch: It was from Il Tempo in London and they provided an independant letter of authenticity which arrived a few weeks later. Most certainly not anywhere near , right? Originally Posted by Speed.

It was from Il Tempo in London and they provided an independant letter of authenticity which arrived a few weeks later. And take credit cards which is great for fraud protection. professional college essay writers in ukraine Find More Posts by jcherskine. I also own full sets they came that way either as new or secondhand, but I wouldn't pay extra for the pleasure unless it was a very rare collectors piece. Originally Posted by jcherskine.

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A bank wire and a prayer? I'm not getting rid of my ever, that stage is over in my life but to be told that box and papers on a 5k watch are worth 2k is simply ridiculous. I made a point of chasing it because if I ever sell it off here then some Numpty will want to know if it's genuine and whilst we know they are too old to have been copied, they might not.

Let's say 17k is market value with papers. I am so stupid, and it took me so long to get this far into the thread that I've forgotten the question: And is specifically asking about resale on this particular watch in his case. Buying watch without papers On the WG Daytona, I'd figure, if you have to sell for some reason, a buyer unknown to you would more reassured of authenticity and legal ownership if buying a documented watch.

Originally Posted by Speed. My answer to the op would be, Yes I have and yes I would. Buying watch without papers Lots of people buy items, far more expensive than the watches bought and sold here, that don't have 'papers' even when they are new.

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Bought my Breitling from the bay without anything. I've bought a few without box and papers, vintage isn't a problem as it's expected, but anything modern really is a pain, yes you can get a good deal, but you then try and sell it later and it's just a total nightmare, most times i've done this i've made a loss and sworn not to buy without box and papers again, well until the next one. extended essay topics law Put them in a drawer no doubt, hardly that important. Jan Real Name:

Originally Posted by SteelerFan Especially if it's from any of the regulars on here: Find More Posts by jcherskine.

And decide to sell it with no papers. Home Sweet Home Posts: I do, and sell them to the stupid people.

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As most of us know very few of the old ones are 'with box and papers". Just make sure the warranty is included if it's new ish. Buying watch without papers I have an arbitrary personal rule that so far I haven't broken: But for a 'fun' watch in the cheap side from eBay for example I'd take my chances. If the seller is reliable , the price is right and the watch checks out then fine.

I just did the same. If the seller is reliable , the price is right and the watch checks out then fine. Buying watch without papers If a watch is coming from a reputable source then I dont have a problem with the lack of papers. Others may not care that much. Depending on the price and the calibre of the watch.

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