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Why has Pullman included daemons in His Dark Materials? Nationality policies in Soviet Carelia Immonen Anna: English literature Group 2:

The effect of nutrients and fertilisers on the fruit of different plants in the greenhouse Paes, Mariana: Activation energy in baking of muffins Ala-Siuru Elisa: Nainen, mies ja avioliiton kahleet. The effect of caffeine on blood pressure Varis Katariina: A study of the reasons leading to the fleeing of the Estonians to Finland and serving in the Finnish army during the continuation war; Kantola Johanna:

Qualitative and Quantitative water quality analysis of natural waters in Norhern Finland Mikkola Anna: Myyttiset ainekset Timo K. Minna Canthin Salakarin vastaanotto. writing assignment help for 2nd graders Miten nuoret puhuvat runoissaan rakkaudesta? A study of the immediate impacts of the Crimean war on Oulu in Siik Johanna:

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What is the role and meaning of animals in the poetry of Emily Dickinson? Cultural stereotypes of greed in literature. How does broadcasting over FM affect sound quality Kantola Venla: How did the recession affect the operations of T:

The situation and the treatment of Jewish refugees in Finland Aho Piia: Comparative study of the nitrate-ion NO3- content in different parts of the river Kiiminkijoki waterway using a spectrophotometric method Rantala Olli: Why is Harry Potter so significant? Cultures of touching — To what extent does touching behaviour vary according culture? The role of language transfer in second language acquisition.

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The revolutionary characteristics of Catullus' poetry - why is Catullus a poeta novus? Snellman in the historical development of Finnish nationalistic thought during the 19th century Mattila Lauri: How do different kinds of fertilizers affect the height and the amount of leaves of the Calendula officinalis fl.

Vesi-, kivi- ja puumetaforat Helvi Juvosen runoissa Ruotsalainen Johanna: The post debate over the question of Jewish identity between secular and religious Israeli Jews. Can a computer be used to generate electricity?

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What makes an effective political pop song? What were the reasons and the impact of the imperial edicts on the eradication of Christianity between and ? A comparison of aspirin and its parent compound Kisko, Kaisa: Price elasticities of package tours bought in Finland Hoang-Sario Christina: Minimisation in Analytic Geometry Lamberg Emma:

Studies on the sound of objects in motion through the Doppler effect Rusila Mari: The impact of economic reforms on living standards in Russia Saapunki, Jonna: How might Idols be regarded as causes of evil in human nature?

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