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The present study confirms previous findings and contributes additional evidence that suggests Xs are one of the most widely used components in.. Therefore, it could be hypothesised that It is possible that

One major drawback of this approach is that This finding was unexpected and suggests that The past thirty years have seen increasingly rapid advances in

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It is possible that The issue has grown in importance in light of recent Further analysis showed that One major issue in early X research concerned

Further work needs to be done to establish whether These findings further support the idea of Xs are one of the most widely used components in.. More information on ……..

A large and growing body of literature has investigated X is a common …….. The X method is one of the more practical ways of It is difficult to explain this result, but it might be related to

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The design of the questionnaires was based on So far this method has only been applied to The correlation between X and Y is interesting because

This chapter reviews the literature concerning Want to know more? Further work is required to …. The single most striking observation to emerge from the data comparison was

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It is possible that A large and growing body of literature has investigated Suggestions for Future Research However, more research on this topic needs to be undertaken before …. Describing the Process In order to identify …….. Paraphrasing bank In most recent studies, X is measured in four different ways.

An implication of this is the possibility that This assignment has explained the central importance of …. It is recommended that further research be undertaken in the following areas: However, such explanations tend to overlook the fact that

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